Our Services

We are renowned for our quality and solid reliability.

Commercial Property Cleaning. Corporate Buildings| Restaurants| Malls

We are keenly aware that whether we are dealing with sophisticated institutional customers or large complexes all of our clients service needs are essentially the same we therefore maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and decorum to the satisfaction of the clients. We guarantee fast, accurate decisive and reliable performance.

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Professional Executive Office Cleaning. Floor| Carpet| Upholstery| Washrooms

We appreciate that not all offices are the same. In this regard we customise your cleaning programme to suit your specific needs. In developing the programme we endeavour to exceed the expectations of each and every client whose cleaning and hygiene solutions is our primary purpose and mission.

Industrial, Plant & Factory Cleaning. Floor| Carpet| Upholstery| Washrooms

We will help you in enforcing your OHS programs by ensuring that your industrial premises are thoroughly cleaned everyday. We focus on the shop floor conditions of the industrial premises, stairs and hand rails by ensuring there are no grease, no oil spills or any substance of similar nature is left on the surfaces.

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Feminine Hygiene & Sanitary Disposal. Safe| Total Hygiene| Discreet

We have well trained and experienced staff who place and change our sanitary disposal units regularly. The frequency of our hygenic service is tailor-made to suit your needs. Our disposal units are chemically sterialized and perfumed for that pleasant odour for your ladies washrooms.

Expert Fumigation & Pest Control. Rodents| Insects| Snakes| Birds

An effective, reliable pest control program is needed to contain and reduce the damage all type of pests and wildlife. We have invaluable expertise in control and eradication. Our network enables us to operate in any region of the country at short notices.

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Total Waste Management & Disposal. Solid| Medical| Industrial| Food

Whatever wastes your facility generates, we can provide a safe and eco-friendly solution. Based our expert analysis of your facility's waste stream, we will create a program schedule to meet your fiscal objectives and goals.

Indoor Plants, Flowers & Landscaping. Design| Plant| Place| Maintain.

It has become imperative to convert our surroundings into an environment that would motivate and inspire the occupants. Our Indoor Plants, Flowers arrangements and Landscape designs reflect the smart environment that every client appreciates. They are beauty focal points and act as masterpieces to our competition.

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Green Cleaning & Hygiene Solutions. Eco-friendly Premium Services everyday.

We are all environmentally conscious today than ever before thats why we as a team we have revolutionized our service delivery methods and products to look out for our planet. You can be rest assured that all our service solutions and management procedures meet Global Green Standards.